Thursday, May 5, 2011


'The husband's' recovery is slow but steady......'the perfect child' was able to get here for 2 days which was such good medicine!

That allowed me a bit of time with needle in I began to tackle the edging finishing on EVER-green #2. The very thick felted wool I used as the top layer was backed with a much thinner 80/20 National Nonwoven's Woolfelt piece.

The seam between the two layers was unsightly so I set about trying to develop a beaded edge pattern that would enhance the top edge AND mask the side seam area.

The plan was to bead units of bugle and seed beads to fall over the seam and have loops of beads travel from front to back which would help hold this all in place and provide a handsome frame for the evergreen sprig.


So I started over....trying numerous other ideas....none worked. My current thinking is to stitch bugle/seed units around the entire quilt....over the seam joint area......then bead another design along the top edge...independent of what's on the side.

I enjoy this process and wasn't a bit discouraged that my first idea didn't work......when that happens it usually leads me to new discoveries!

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