Monday, May 16, 2011


The beading is now complete on my 'artist' inspired PTA 2011 Challenge. Beads will enhance the utter as well.....but not till later because they'd be in the way at this time. I don't expect to be posting many more updates now that I'm entering the quilting phase. It's going to be hand quilted and that may take me awhile!

Lately, no one has ventured a guess as to which famous artist inspired my quilt..... Come on faithful readers...... Here's a hint....think spirals....this artist often incorporated that motif in HIS work. He's a multi-talented artist who worked in a variety of mediums.

Perhaps I need to post some images of his work so the guessing can start again??


Bonnie said...

Would it be Alexander Calder?

Vicky F said...

Hi Mary,
Well, I am not an art student, but here's a stab at it.
How about Alexander Calder?