Saturday, May 14, 2011


Each PTA meeting is eagerly looked forward to.....of course for the companionship but the inspiration we all gain from each other as well.

Lynne purchased this vintage quilt from a vendor in Paducah. It was from the Nestle quilt photo is bad......but still worth seeing..... Notice how each of the nine-patch blocks has a red center?

The fibers were in remarkably good condition. This style and vintage is my personal favorite and the kind of quilts I decorate my own home with. Many are hung over the railings of my loft studio and on the many ladders I have scattered around the house. Of course I also have my own embellished quilts on display too, but not as prominently because we lack wall space.

Lynne has continued experimenting with the rusting technique Kate demonstrated for all of us at our retreat. Instead of using water to react with steel wool, she's been playing with lemon juice and vinegar to speed up the rusting process.

Cathy wowed us with this piece featuring many surface design techniques which came out of a workshop she took with local fiber artist Bernie Rowell.

Dort's artistic abilities are apparent here with her newest quilt. It's pieced using squares....and due to her careful color placement, you can enjoy several large stork like motifs.

Back to Cathy's show and tell.......she's is a very busy Mom of two who keeps us all young hearing her adventures. The family recently visited Washington DC......I loved how she's documented and now archived this trip by having a hard cover book made from her photographs.

She claims it was easy.......using Great idea!!

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