Monday, March 23, 2009


I've been struggling to find a way to create the look of papel picado (traditional Mexican paper cut decorations) made from fabric.  Often created by folding tissue paper, then cutting out areas to acheive a pattern....much like making paper snow flakes.  

The idea is to have them hanging from near the top of a quilt on a small string.  So, obviously I needed to stabilize the fabric to make it easier to cut and prevent frayed edges.  I fused two layers of fabric together....tried folding and cutting and got this mess.  

The layers are way toooo thick to cut with any precision.  I'm bummed, because the only way I can now think to do this is to draw a pattern onto paper-backed fusible adhesive, fuse to one layer of fabric......cut it out and then fuse to the quilt.....NOT what I envisioned.

Any other ideas anyone??


Jane Moxey said...

Hey Madam Stori: Could you use the cheap-oh craft type felt instead of fabric? That might have more body...and could easily be strung!!??

Mary Stori said...

Tx's Jane for your fact, the first thing I tried was felted wool.....but I couldn't get the precision I needed. In part, that is due to the size of these designs.....they are only 4" x 5". I played around more today and if I'm not too ashamed tomorrow morning when I take another look at what I came up with this afternoon.....I'll post photos. Otherwise, I might have to scrap the idea and figure out another a pieced border.....NOT what I think the quilt needs....hummmmm M.

KQ Sue said...

Loved your lecture at W-S last month.
My suggestion is try sewing on the spaces instead of the cut out solid piece.

KQ Sue said...

Hi Mary, Love your lecture at W-S last month.
My suggestion is: try sewing on the spaces instead if the solid cut out piece.

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not too late for your project. I would scrap the fabric (no pun intended) and use plastic tablecloths or placemats. the placemats already have a decorative border and can be easily folded. I have cut the plastic tablecloths into whatever size I want. the plastic is easy for kids (or adults) to use, lasts longer than the tissue paper and is inexpensive.
I consider myself a creative person, but not artistic, so if anybody has a link to some FREE papel picado designs, besides the "dia de los muertos" ones that are already out there...please share :)

mary Stori said...

What a BRILLIANT suggestion.......sadly it's too late but I will sure keep the idea in mind for future needs!!! Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment.

Anonymous said...

One other resource medium to consider might be platic shower curtains to be cut like the plastic tablecloths, suggested by your April, 2009 commentor, if solid colors can be found. Just a thought. I have decopouged with prints from shower curtains. Anything is fair game, yes? Betty.