Saturday, March 14, 2009


Our PTA Fiber Group traveled to Furman University in Greenville, SC to visit another of the Southern Living Magazine's 'green' homes.

This one is called Cliffs here to learn more details and for a link to see photos of the before, during, and after construction.

I snapped photos of what interested me......though of course there is soooo much more to see. We understand the University President will reside in the home after it closes to the public in June.

The setting is far more beautiful than this photo shows....wonderful gardens and a huge pond.

As you enter off a side porch, the living room is to the right.  The flooring in the house is either bamboo or tile. 

I love a galley kitchen.....and visually there was much to like about this one.  However, though it had lots of light....all of us felt if it was our kitchen, we'd like to be able to look out the windows when standing at the sink.  There was a serious lack of cabinets and no pantry.......except perhaps if they called a tiny broom closet a pantry. 

I love the look and idea of these cement counter tops.  Our builder didn't make that option available for our house so instead I selected a Corian style that gave this appearance.

Of course, we were all gawking at the furnishing.....not paying much attention to the self-guided tour headsets that we were given which blabbered about the solar energy, insulation materials, etc.

The coffee table caught my obviously was repurposed.....neat!

Even the bedding was 'green'.......fiber content often contained bamboo.  The decorating style had a definite Asian flavor.  Lots of muted greens/gray/tans......very soothing.

This detail of a pillow is interesting.  The veins of the leaf were created with what appeared to be very wide satin stitching which were cut and became fringy.  Perhaps like machine faggoting....(I think that's the term)

This simple design on another pillow provided color and texture......I think the thread was similar to pearl cotton, only shiny.

More photos to come tomorrow.

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I'm a first time visitor, and love your blog. Cliff's Cottage is a dandy.