Monday, March 2, 2009


The Alliance for American Quilts has announced a major milestone by posting a private collection on their Quilt Index for the first time.  About 80 quilts made by Hungarian immigrant Mary Gasperik.  This collection provides a rare chance to observe one quiltmaker's near-total output as she advanced from a novice quilter to a prizewinning quilt designer.

The entire collection can be viewed here.  

Laurel Wreath  circa 1935
Hand appliqued, embroidered and hand quilted


On a personal note......we've just experience our 10th snow.......really a blizzard.  Okay, UNCLE.....we are heading back to WI, where at least folks know how to handle winter!! Literally, towns close up here when it snows.....restaurants and all!  Amazing.....

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Anita said...

Don't go Mary! We love you here in the South. Give it a few days and you'll be in the 50's...will WI ever be in the 50's in March? Nope!