Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've now spent hours trying to figure out why my photos won't upload......decided to do a test and it seems to work.  My love/hate relationship with technology continues.

Since I didn't do anything (that I know of to fix the problem) I hope it was just a glitch.

We are still sick around here.....I'm better after 10 days of this crud, but 'the husband' is not.  So, we've cancelled our Super Bowl Sunday plans and will veg. here at home.  Sadly, we won't be flying our Packer flag today.....maybe next year!

We also reflected that 3 years ago today our realtor brought us to look at our house.....we bought it a week later.  A very gutsy move for two people who expected to live in WI for the rest of their life and don't like change.  It was probably good for us old farts to think like irresponsible teenagers during this decision time......or we'd still be freezing in Brodhead, WI today!

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