Saturday, February 7, 2009


Show and Tell at the Fiber Arts Alliance is always inspiring.....sadly I'm never quick enough to get photos of everything, but I hope you'll enjoy these.

Fran Williams created this piece using both wet and needle felting wool fibers.

Gayle has taken broderie perse to the ultimate level that I've ever seen.  Her work above and below is amazing.  Cleverly, if she doesn't like the colors of the fabrics she has to work with ....she'll paint them to acheive ones that coordinate.  And example is the butterflies above were painted gold!  Seeing this in person, you'd never guess that's not what the original fabric was.

This small purse was crocheted using a thick yarn combined with eyelash yarn/thread.

Sally Fargo has been exploring creating windows in small study pieces.  The netting was originally around a ham!  The view from the porthole really glowed.....

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Interesting as I saved an almost identical piece of ham srapping and yet she used it so skillfully I didn't recognize what it was.