Thursday, February 26, 2009


One of the most innovative quilt professional I know is Ami Simms........she's always on the cutting edge of techniques, design, and technology.  To help coordinate the needs of guilds and with the services of hundreds of quilt instructors, she's developed a new website.  It's called Find-A-Quilt-Teacher.

The benefit of this subscription based site for guilds is the ease of locating instructors, previewing their specialities, workshops, lectures, location, fees, and other requirements in one location, and with a simple click.....go to the websites of those they wish to explore further.

Our industry is changing......I for one am delighted to be a part of this service and hope to generate more know I want to buy that new Bernina......


Cindy Fitzpatrick said...

I thought you were a Pfaff girl.

Mary Stori said...

Yup, I'd been a Pfaff girl for a long time. Several years ago I accepted an invitation to be a Bernina National Artisan.......shall I say this fabulous company has turned my head?

Ami said...

Thanks for spreading the word about We're getting lots of attention from guilds and teachers.

Ami Simms