Monday, February 16, 2009


One nice benefit of blogging is the chance I get to review my photos and relive moments/events all over again.  We can hardly wait for next year's Blue Grass First Class.....this was such a great time.

It's heartwarming to see youngsters getting into the business.....and these kids were good!  The Snyder Family features Dad on the bass (another short bass player)....the fiddle player is only 10 and her brother is 13.  Their stage presence is of young adults not children!  On Sat. night, the boy was invited onto stage to play with Wyatt Rice & Santa Cruz......the house went wild....this kid can play.....and you could clearly see he was thrilled.

Russel Moore & IIIrd Thyme Out are very well known.....their harmony will make your eyes tear.  Note....another short bass player.

This is Rhonda Vincent......her high energy and slinky outfits makes me wonder what vitamins she takes.  Clearly, her butt is not sitting at a sewing machine all day!!

Constant Change is a new group to this festival.  They perform in the traditional Blue Grass way of using minimum microphones......gathering around one center one for the vocals.....and when you've got folks that can sing like they do....that's all ya need!

We've been listening to The Seldom Scene for probably 30 years.  There is only 1 original band member left, but you'd barely notice the difference.  The group originated and still come from the Washington DC area.....where all had other professional careers (one was a vascular surgeon)......they rarely went on the road, instead, played local venues.....therefore the name: The Seldom Scene.  (Note the short bass player.) This group closed the show both nights.....and it's clear they LOVE to play.  Their set began at 11:00 PM, the show was supposed to close at midnight......both nights we didn't leave until after 1:00 AM......grinning from ear to ear.  

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