Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well.....here's Bernina's new top of the line machine...the 830!  They also offer the 820 which comes without the embroidery module and a few less features.

To make your heart skip a beat.....here's some of their many features:  
*  A 15" extended arm and expanded height = 50% more than the largest top-of-the-line machines. 
* Jumbo bobbin that easily winds on the front of the machine - holds 40-60% more thread
* Gigantic 7" x 14" screen located in center of the machine
* Dual feed (similar to Pfaff)
* Stitch regulator (BSR)
* Push button auto needle threading (that REALLY works!)
* Push button bobbin thread cutter
* 3 pin spool holder
* Sews 1000 stitches per minute
* Major improvement in lighting.......even my old eyes can see without further illumination

Close-up of screen.  I might add that this machine is much more user friendly than others I've tried.  The only problem is that there are sooooo many functions and choices......at first it might be a bit overwhelming.

Bernina offer a CD 8 Series Emulator which really helped us get acquainted with the machine by first reviewing its many options on a lap top.  For instance, we were able to select an embroidery design, duplicate or mirror image it, add additional motifs, resize them, relocate their positions.....I mean it was amazing.  Above is a photo of the lap top screen and my 'redesign'.

Later, we could use our design and stitch using the embroidery hoop.

I always thought of Bernina as the BMW of machines vs the Chevys.......now it's upgraded to Porsche!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info on this machine. I have seen a couple of ads touting the size of the throat. It wasn't until your picture did it really look any different! Wow... that is great, if I could now just find that $12,000 that was sitting here a minute ago....


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Sounds like Bernina was really listening to what everyone wanted.
Maybe even a Rolls Royce!

Exuberant Color said...

so are you tempted to buy one?

Mary Stori said...

Tempted??? How could I not be tempted??? Since the embroidery unit doesn't really interest me, I'd be more likely to purchase the 820 which is about $10,000....IF I had that kind of money sitting around. Hummmmm....anyone want to hire a quilt teacher....maybe I could quickly earn it??