Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today our fiber art group traveled to Black Mountain to crash Georgia Bonesteel's retreat.....well.....we WERE invited.  Students came from all over the country for a week of sewing with Georgia.  It was such a pleasure to see their projects and in turn, we shared some of ours.

This busy group of ladies were working on Trip Around The World quilts.  In-progress quilts were pinned/taped on every wall surface.

Several had already completed their quilts......amazing, since these quilts are not small.

This photo can not possibly detail the piecing perfection......every seam was pressed was so incredibly well constructed.....the back side could have been the front of the quilt.

We all gushed over this original feed sack patch quilt.

Georgia has a really unique piecing system for this pattern.  Rather than creating 4 patch or 9 patch blocks...the units are assembled in horizontal sections.  The benefits of this method was the ability to rotate various sections, reversing the planned colors scheme.  One of the participants altered the center of her quilt by switching pieces that had originally been located on the outside corners.  I was ready to go home and cut squares and start my own!!

Georgia is on the left, the maker of this scrap quilt on the right.  I believe I have this correct......Georgia told us almost every student used fabrics from their own stash.....rather than purchasing fabrics specifically for these quilts.  I'm guessing most of us have enough fabric in our own collection to do the same.

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