Sunday, February 11, 2024


Selling on Facebook's Marketplace, which is a marvelous, helpful service both for buyers and sellers, can sometimes be frustrating due to increasing number of fake buyers waste your time by agreeing to purchase, then never showing up plus then ghosting you.

With that said we've met some really nice folks.  For instance the young couple who bought our John Deere Zero turn.  Hard working ambitious and adorable!!

And there's L. (I'll use his first initial).....who has come back so often that now when I undercover something I think he may want, I just text him first.

Then there's V., who has also been a steady buyer.  After her purchase yesterday she taught me the traditional Dominican Republic way of preparing plantains.  I've had no experience with this fruit which is generally used as a potato substitute....they look like a banana but MUST be cooked.....

After peeling and cutting on the diagonal..
They are sauted in a pan.....I used Avocado oil
Turning till crisp and easily pierced with a fork
Transferred to foil, covered and smashed with a mallet

Now back into the skillet to caramelize even further.........sprinkle with salt.....can be served with a variety of different sauces or on its own....DELICIOUS.....Thank you V.

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