Monday, February 26, 2024


 Looking back.....After moving to WNC in the spring of 2006, we visited a Southern Living Home and fell in love with the log cabin outbuilding featured by a local builder who reclaimed vintage log cabins in the area.

That company was actually just down the road from our home and soon we contracted to have an Eastern Tennessee pre-civil war small log cabin erected on our property. It housed our John Deere riding mower and all the other garden equipment that becomes necessary as an owner of over 2+ acres of land.

- View 1 was last fall (when the notion of moving wasn't even a blip on our radar)
- View 2 is the foundation being built....this craftsman's could have used cinder blocks but couldn't bring himself to do that.....instead he collected rocks and build a dry rock foundation. I recall standing for hours watching this amazing reminded me of assembling a quilt.
- View 3 is the hand mixed cement floor he laid.....encouraging us to write our name and date. (So grateful he thought of it!)
- View 4 is the completion in 2006....he even found some mule iron shoes to use as hinges and recycled tin roofing.
We've been honored to be the keepers of this slice of history.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

That is a neat feature to add to the property. Hope the packing is going well.

Nancy said...

It's a beauty for sure. We had a mason build a rock wall at our upstate NY home some years back. I know what you mean about seeing the craftsman work on it. It takes vision and they are both solid and beautiful when completed. God your updated address- noted, and thanks.