Tuesday, February 20, 2024


 As I've said over and over......the fiber friends I've bonded with here in the Asheville area are simply the best.

Yesterday was my last official gathering with the Fiber Frenzy group. Two of us (Mary and Judy) were members of the original Fiber Junkies where sadly age, relocation, and health saw that group disband after about 13 years.  The Fiber Frenzy members are just as dedicated, love to experiment and most of all love chatting, nibbling, & sipping.

We played with image transfer this month....a technique some of us had done before and loved it just as much this time.

An overview:   

After selecting an image, it's scanned into the computer.

A photo program can help you edit: reverse the image, remove or add text etc.

The image is printed onto the rough side of a transparency, using an ink jet printer.

Acrylic matte medium is painted onto fabric (we used a large sponge brush).

Turning the transparency, printed side facing the prepared fabric... the back of a large spoon is rubbed over the image, burnishing the ink onto the fabric.  
Before completely removing the plastic....lift a small edge to check if the image has sufficiently transferred....if not....keep rubbing.    We all got so engrossed I missed taking a photo of that step......drat!!

But here's the best photo of the day.....

Left to right:  Heather Horton, Kathie Briggs, Mary Stori, Judy Simmons, & Susan Web Lee.  THE FIBER FRENZY GROUP.   I'm already check out wine tours to entice them to make a trip to CA!!!


The Idaho Beauty said...

A group you will surely miss but I'm happy to hear you are wasting no time thinking of how to get together with them again. Not sure I've been exposed to this particular transfer method. Sounds like something I should try . . .

Kathy said...

Hope you quickly find a group in CA that you can have play days with.......the love from all your friends will help heal the hole that leaving creates.