Sunday, February 5, 2023

HARVEST MOON - new work

 I set out to create an art quilt, designed around a tree I drew, scanned, & cut with my Brother Scan N Cut machine.  This project was easily a three week commitment, concluding with a successful result.

If you'd like to give it a home, contact me directly.   Free shipping for a limited time.

HARVEST MOON - 19" x 15 -  © Mary Stori

Hand ice-dyed cottons & batiks, appliqu├ęd motifs,

thread painting, hand embroidery, hand & machine quilting. 

Faced edges, fabric hanging sleeve attached.



Nancy said...

It captures a mood for sure. Very pretty. And you WILL conquer that Scan and Cut.

dgs said...

Wow, the detail is amazing. I love it.

The Inside Stori said...

So happy to hear the positive is typical in Jan.-March gallery sales are I'm hoping this one catches someone's eye online!!