Wednesday, October 30, 2019


As is soooo typical with home little thing leads to the next, and the next and the next.  Ours began in July when the deck replacement started. Well the work did, the planning and decision making whether or not to go down this path or move had been going on for nearly a year.

We are now officially finished....THE END!!  Though this is generally a dedicated fiber blog, I do know our lives go beyond our passion/hobby/business.  I've chatted/complained about the goings on around here, so hopefully you'll be interested in seeing the original and the current look of our home.
Of course this is probably everyone's vision of what a house in the Smoky Mountains should look like....what one doesn't realize is just how much maintenance all this wood requires.
We've eliminated lots of it....if our budget would have allowed, I'd have removed the log siding too.....but that's not to be...and probably best anyway.  We now have a newer fresher look that buyers seek, plus the charm and what their imagination desires.
 Longer view with a glimpse of the fall color which is just beginning to peak.

This was actually taken on our afternoon walk 2 days ago.....beautiful...and I did NOT do any Photoshopping to it.


Jo Vandermey said...

As you said beautiful!

Nancy said...

What a relief to have the work completed. It looks wonderful, and all the more so with that hill of color behind and around you. Yes, who ever sold the line that log homes are maintenance free needs to be spoken to harshly! We had many log homes in our area of NY and a log home builder, so we got to see many of them. They don't stay fresh looking without upkeep. But they sure have the charm. Yours is truly beautiful.

Ruth Lane said...

Really like the changes, it is a beautiful house in a charming setting.

Robbie said...

Wow...the roof does look wonderful and so maintenance free!!! Good for you...the last photo is wonderful!!!! That would entice me to walk my girls 4 times a day! We've had rain so no walking for us! Which doesn't make Kalee or I happy! Gigi on the other hand is happy to not walk in the rain or damp or heat! HA