Friday, October 4, 2019


WOW....who knew?  Starting with a clean, almost pristine studio should be invigorating with design avenues wide open.  Instead, I spent two days shuffling piles of fabrics, notebook ideas, and mental images not being able to settle down and select one direction.

Perhaps this rather uninspiring piece of hand hand silk noil is a reflection of the mood??
 It got more interesting when I pulled out this deconstructed piece and decided to marry the two.
  I tend to drift toward uncluttered whole cloth as backgrounds for my designs.  Hopefully not boring, instead the goal is to create pieces that can hang in a room and be enjoyed for a long period of time. I prefer to avoid making the big shiny star piece that wears out its welcome too quickly.

For this project's background, I chose a nearly tone on tone batik with the appearance of a woodcut.  To provide the stitching control and accuracy I desire.....painter's tape strips are cut, measured, and positioned on the stabilized fabric.
This will become a double straight line pattern......after sewing along the left side of the tape, it's removed and my pressure foot becomes the guide for line #2.  

Check back here won't you??

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Kathy said...

Painter's tape is always my friend! Best way to 'mark' a quilt!

Robbie said...

We will be checking back!!! Can't wait to see this reveal!