Tuesday, October 8, 2019


YIKES......I fear the home refresh distractions I've been experiencing most of the summer has now allowed 'design brain freeze' to take over.  All I seem to be doing is shuffling fabric....the design is not developing.

This is a totally new situation for me......ideas have always been easily forthcoming.  Naturally, developing them into a one-of-a-kind piece takes time and patience.  Given my slow start, I guess I simply need to allow more time and lots more patience for this project to move forward!!


Nancy said...

Things do need to "percolate". A direction is sure to appear.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, that's a pretty cool tree shape and it being in red is intriguing. It'll come together eventually, it always does (speaking both from my own experience and following yours. Maybe you need to pull out and scatter random books, tools, fabrics around that now pristine studio to get the juices flowing again!

Robbie said...

But you're starting!!!! And we're watching!!!