Sunday, October 27, 2019


Talk about a change.....and some VERY hard workers....I felt so badly for them working in the cold and YES....rain on this slippery metal roof, I baked brownie for the crew to keep up their strength!
 Trucks, material, ladders, and people everywhere.  6 days into this transformation.

I mentioned several posts back that our roof was can really get a good impression of just how steep. 'The husband' who worked in the scaffolding business in Chicago for 30+ years (where buildings were big and tall) was relieved to see the crew were tied on...did I mention it began to rain/mist and can you just imagine how slippery the surface is??

We have a LOT going on this just in case I can't drop by again before Sunday.......I must leave you with this:



Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Mercy! Those guys are brave to do that in the rain!

Nancy said...

Steep popped into my mind before I saw that you'd said it- that's impressive. And the rain added challenges. Tied on is good- I just saw a tv video clip of window washers caught in a sudden wind gust, and one was dangling precariously. Hard to watch! He was safe, happily.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Wow! Whatever these guys are getting paid, it may not be enough.

Robbie said...

We have one metal roof in our neighborhood and they love it! It looks great on your beautiful home....but I can't imagine working that high!! Yikes! Nice of you to bake a pick-me-up for the workers!