Thursday, October 17, 2019

RED TREE - The Transformation of a Failed Design

This piece is quite different than my original vision.  My style has evolved toward less cluttered, sparser and cleaner designs.  A far cry from my days of embellishing/beading every piece of fabric that stood still long enough!

After adding a facing to the Red Tree wall quilt, I had to admit the piece was simply too plain, even for me.  So now it's been married with a beautiful Japanese print that I machine quilted and bound.  It's become a 'quilt on a quilt!'

  RED TREE -  31" x 27.5"
Hand-dyed silk nail, cotton batik, Japanese print fabric, appliqued 
and machine quilted.

Update -  I'm not sure my explanation was very's a detail of the 'quilt on a quilt'.  The center piece is a stand alone wall quilt.....placed on a larger quilted's not a border in the normal sense.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

That Japanese border print really makes the piece special, beautiful!!

Ramona said...


Nancy said...

That's the perfect border print! Lovely

The Idaho Beauty said...

Very nice marriage. I've done this kind of finish myself - I call the bottom piece a mount and often just fuse the fabric to Decor Bond so that I don't have to quilt it. Then you can attach your feature quilt in a variety of ways. I like the one cherry falling off the edge at the bottom. Lovely piece.

Linda M said...

Great solution, it really sets the tree off.

Norma Schlager said...

This was a perfect solution. The print really offsets the smaller quilt beautifully. You would never know that it wasn't part of the original plan.