Monday, February 11, 2019


Spring hasn't quite arrived yet, but our warmish weather has folks out and about in downtown Asheville, visiting galleries and shops.  Judy Simmons, my booth mate and I, gave our space a fresh face.
 We are so pleased to have some of our bigger pieces greet shoppers at Woolworth Walk Gallery.  They are displayed on railings original to the historic F. W. Woolworth building and help to welcome folks to stroll down to the lower level where our booth (#235) is located.

 Judy now has her hand-dyed scarves more conveniently displayed on a large circular rack located to the left side of the large back wall.  We are splitting that space. My side displays quilts - 2 large and 2 small, while Judy's green/blue/back/white piece is her main focal piece.
 A view of a portion of the back wall and all the rest of my work on the far right side.
Judy utilizes the left side for smaller wall art and a card rack of her lovely eco-printed greeting cards. 

Winter is always a slow sales time so we are encouraged that the mild weather may bring visitors here soon.  Of course if you see anything that strikes your eye....holler we can arrange a sale by mail order


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Great refreshing of your booth space, how nice that your really big pieces are the focal point of the stairs! Good luck and hope you sell out!

Nancy said...

You make great use of the space and are fully stocked. How do you hang your quilts? I like the variety of small items to larger- something for everyone. Hope to make it to Asheville one day.

The Inside Stori said...

In answer to Nancy's question......All our quilts have fabric sleeves, fitted with dowels which are balanced on nails on the walls. The quilts on the railings have eye hooks in the end of the dowels and zip ties are threaded through the eye and then attached to the railing.

Ann Scott said...

A lovely display of beautiful work! Best wishes for many sales.

Robbie said...

The display looks great!!!! I really like seeing the quilts hung over the rail!!! That is an eye catcher for sure!!