Friday, February 22, 2019


An upcoming event has had my mind digging deep for an idea for small gifts to share with the participants.  My pal Kate has been making and selling outstanding one-of-a-kind book covers for mini and small composition books that utilize many of the small fabric pieces made during our Fiber Junkies meetings. 

Happily she gifted me one and while using it the other day I had that 'ta-da' moment.  Yup, I have lots of small unique altered fabrics too and decided to try create a few of my own.  Kate's are more elaborate but for starters, I'm pleased with my attempts.

Since I love working with wool and my stack of altered felted wool is extensive, my next goal will be to see how that fabric translates to book covers.  Stay tuned.

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Ramona said...

Great idea and they make such wonderful gifts. Looking forward to seeing your wool designs.

Nancy said...

These look great and I bet they feel nice to hold. I make book covers with some of my hand-prints, too. The collection grows, and this is a nice way to "feature" some of them in a way they will get out and about. I'll be posting my latest one on my blog this weekend. Great minds, and all that!

The Inside Stori said...

Nancy, I'm looking forward to seeing your bookcovers on your blog!

Robbie said...

These are wonderful! And, yep, a good way to get those fabrics out of the bins and out where folks can enjoy them! HA I did remember to say "hi" to Kay for you! Only because she mentioned your name! HA Were your ears burning??? HA

Judy Warner said...

Wonderful idea! And people will use them forever.