Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Yes.....it's a happy day when quilts find forever homes.  That might sound a bit overstated......we think of children and pets seeking 'forever homes'....not wall art!  

However, as an artist, who is now focusing on creating work to sell.....yes, it's a great feeling to know someone else appreciates your designs and wants to live with them!!!  I'm stepping a bit more gleefully today.

Artist microwave ice-dyed and mono-printed
felted wool, hand embroidered, bead embellished.

If you are a collector or one who just appreciates being surrounded by new pieces as inspiration......perhaps you will find a piece that 'speaks' to you too....visit my gallery shop here.


The Idaho Beauty said...

How does that saying go? Money is the highest form of praise. We used to want to say this to our miserly bosses who would tell us what a great job we were doing but rarely gave raises or bonuses - the praise was supposed to be enough. As artists, it's somewhat similar. We DO love being told how much our work is liked, how beautiful it is, etc etc, but oh, how very nice it is when someone goes the extra mile and is willing to put down some money to own it. Happy for you!

Lara B. said...

I enlarged the photo and those are just exquisite Mary! The new caretaker must be utterly delighted!

Lara B. said...

I've officially gone Gaga after looking through the quilts in your gallery Mary! Words fail me, except that they are wonderful and inspiring and WOW!