Sunday, September 13, 2015

HERE WE GO AGAIN's that time again......and surely this will be OUR year for the Packers to go all the way......and take back the Lombardi Trophy.
Our hero.....MR. RODGERS...... # 12
Packer fans are known for their elaborate tail gate parties. Creativity rules! Like this up-cycled ambulance.....Read here about the really, really clever features the owners incorporated. 
 Inside view.
 The transporter 'cot' has been turned into a table.  If you are at all interested in tail gating or picnicing, do follow the link provided above.....I sure got a kick out of the story. goes without saying, but I must......  GO PACK GO!!!!!!!  A must win against 'da Bears'.

BTW - I'm not the only relocated Wisconsin extreme Packer fan...around dear friend Lynn has a 'to die for' Bernina and she's skilled at using it.  Look at these Packer backer dish towels she gifted me.....thank you Lynn....
So I repeat....GO PACK GO!!!!!


Kathy said...

While I'm not the Packer fan that you are, I've started looking forward to football season as my beading season! I have a table conveniently located so that I can look up at the tv when something great happens and I get a lot done. I love football so I can't spend game time away from the action downstairs in the studio. Bring out the beads!

Robbie said...

We even had early breakfast and no lunch so we could have an early dinner! All so I can watch the Lions play at 4 p.m.! Dogs will have their walk at half time!!! Good luck on the season! Love the towels!