Sunday, September 27, 2015


I'm currently not a knitter.....however, I did make a few sweaters 40+ years ago....but that was the extent of my knit and purl experience.  
My pal Lynn is in the process of knitting this cowl......following the guidelines on Scoreboard Knit A Long.  It's a great concept for football widows.....or football fans to embrace.

Here's Lynn's explanation.....obviously....she's another Green Bay Packer fan:  All Packers points are knit in green, opponents are yellow - one row for each point - and white indicates the end of a game.  So, from top down....... Packers vs. Bears, white end of game rows, Packers vs. Seahawks, end of game white rows.  I sure hope there's A LOT more green than yellow by the end of the season.  I'm all set for Monday night's game ---- I'll be knitting frantically every time someone scores.  Great fun!!!!!

So all you knitters......get out those needles and yarn in your teams colors and start knitting.  With only 2 (or possibly 3) games can catch up!  And thank you Lynn for sharing this novel way to marry football and fiber!

GO PACK GO......GO PACK GO.......GO PACK GO......GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Robbie said...

I don't even want to know what mine would look like!!! Watching our Lions as I type this! Keeping fingers crossed...but we're playing against Peyton! I do love Peyton!

Nancy said...

Sports history as told by a knitter? What a concept! Low scoring games make for long stretches of green or gold then? Perfect for those who want busy hands while watching tv.