Monday, September 14, 2015


Our PTA - Professional Textile Artists group meets once a month. We all eagerly await our gatherings which range from field trips, occasional projects, Show and Tell, lots of chatting, and food consumption.

Every member is incredibly supportive....always ready to jump in and help with tips/techniques/critiques/and fabric sharing.  As can be typical of a larger group, at times monthly planning can stall and last minute scurrying develops.  So at the beginning of this year, we tried a new approach.  Each of us took charge of planning the activities for a specific month.  It's working GREAT!!  
 Member Kate just returned from a trip to Sweden and lucky for was her turn this month.  She hosted us with a delicious, over-the-top feast, inspired by the foods she enjoyed during her travels.
 Not only were the open faced sandwiches incredibly tasty, featuring meats, herring, shrimp, and vegetables on marbled bread, they were picture perfect as well.
 We enjoyed a selection of olives.
 A Scandinavian salad.....
.....More sandwiches.....
 Homemade Cardamon cookies.....
 ......and many styles of liquorish.....brought back from Sweden.  
After we gorged ourselves.....we toured Kate's sewing spaces.  How would you like to have this organized stash?!? .....AND it's only a partial view of her collection.

Consider scheduling monthly gatherings with some of your fiber friends.......and build your own quilt memories.


margaret said...

sounds like a good time was had by all with lots of eats. Loving the stash envious too!

Linda M said...

Oh my, the food looks fabulous! I want to eat with you guys.