Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This post should probably be titled - The 7th Time May Be The Charm......
Normally, my preference is to show the process and conclusion of a project in one post, assuming that doesn't get overwhelming. But, because of all the steps involved, I'm breaking up this 'story' into several posts.
It all began with a piece of garment quality white wool.  I love working with felted wool, but as is often the case with dress goods, it wouldn't felt.  I had a lot of this fabric so I decided to work with it anyway.

The first step was to ice dye it.....but as seen in this photo......it's rather dull. So when two friends and I were playing with acrylic paint, I wrapped it onto a large pvc pipe. 
And painted the folds using a foam brush. (My buddy Judy Simmons can be seen in the background painting one of her pieces.)
......Hummmm.....it's still ugly!
Several months later the Fiber Junkies spent a day experimenting with microwave ice-dyeing....so I overdyed it.  Good grief....it's still homely.
Time passed and the Fiber Junkies met again for a mono-printing day.  I was doing a happy dance after transforming the fabric by applying numerous layers of thinned acrylic paint with the aid of several really interesting stencils a member shared.

Trust me....it's so much better in person.  The challenges are that it is far darker than it appears in the photo and has a VERY BUSY appearance.  

With that said......after picking it up a dozen times and replacing it, I now have a plan that hopefully will be successful.   Check back....won't you?


Kathy said...

Now it IS a lovely piece of fabric. Can't wait to see the 'rest of the story'...

Nancy said...

I keep hearing artists say... and now you've proved it... "it's all about the layers." Patience and persistence paid off!

Robbie said...

Will always check back!! I seem to remember this piece being posted before? Looks interesting for sure.

The Inside Stori said...

Yes, Robbie…..I posted many of the steps involved as I reworked and reworked this hunk of fabric. I felt there were too many to link to…..and frankly, I didn’t want to have to go back and find them all……so I skimmed over the specifics…….grinning…. You have a good memory.