Friday, April 3, 2015


Three of us, Judy, Kate, and myself have cut and pooled a lot of our fun theme fabrics to make I-Spy quilts.  We keep the patches together in a 'community' plastic storage container.  This is so handy when one of us needs to make a baby quilt!  In order to keep the variety fresh, new fabrics are added as necessary.
 This will probably make all you patchwork quilters really laugh out loud, or shake your head after seeing my assembly process.  However, it works for me.

My desired quilt size required 48 - 4.5" patches.  Happily, I was able to select all of them from the squares already cut in our bin.  Each was positioned on my design wall. 

We had precut 2.5" strips in the bin, but most weren't long enough.  So, since I had to pull fabric from my stash, I decided to use 2" strips instead....any leftovers went into the bin.
Yup, this type "A" personality cut and arranged the pieces for each block prior to stitching.  WHY??  The center square is directional, so in order to eliminate matching more seams than necessary, the piecing alternates the location of the short strip, either on the top/bottom or the sides. For me, it was easier to keep track of that placement by chain stitching one row at a time.

It will do simple straight line quilting and probably a multi-color binding. There's really need to post another photo, but perhaps you'll enjoy seeing the top.
I-Spy  -   42.75" x 57"


Judy Ferguson said...

Well, coming from the woman who makes everything from scraps, I think this is genius.

Windy Hill Happenings said...

It's wonderful...lucky little person who gets this!

Nancy said...

Cute quilt, and smart approach! Plus the community bin idea is great- just replenish from time to time, and it's good to go.

Linda M said...

I love the idea of the group sharing bin- how handy.

Julie said...

Your sharing bin is a wonderful idea! People will frequently do spontaneous scrap swaps at our sewing night, and it's always a fun bonus to see if you can trade for something you like better.

The I Spy is such a fun quilt to do, too. Yours has a happy appeal of bright colors.


Sue @ Quilting the Green Star said...

What a happy quilt, some little person will be delighted with this and it will make them smile! I love the fabric choice approach too,

Carie said...

Oh it's so beautifully colourful and I love the idea of pooling scraps so that you've all got a bit more variety!

Robbie said...

Only you could make creating a 'baby/child' quilt fun! HA VERY NICE!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

As you know, I find organization is often key to success...and less ripping out! I say, if it works for you, no one should question your method. But you make the perfect case for doing it this way. I particularly like the block with the stripes. It makes a nice little unexpected pop in the top.