Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Not only am I fortunate to have so many extraordinary girlfriends......they are thoughtful too!!!  When I learned what they planned for my upcoming birthday lunch.....I was grinning from ear to ear.
 A fellow Wisconsin pal knew of my passion for Culver's (a fast food restaurant based in Wisconsin BUT that is now expanding across the country).  I've blogged about my visits there many times.  

Sadly, the closest one for us is about 1.5 hrs. away.....but what the heck...a birthday celebration warrants the trip!  Here Arlene (a newbie to Culver's) is being guided by Lynn about what to order.  The server is......get this.....a gal who grew up about 10 mins. from our last residence in Brodhead, WI.  Small world!!
 I hope this won't be too boring for you....but here's an explanation of this restaurant's popularity.  Most folks love it for their famous 'butter burgers'.....I did tell you this is a Wisconsin based company!
 I thought I caught Lynn mid-bite, but it's mid-mouth at this point!
We thought Irene's unique onion ring needed to be put for sale on Ebay! 
I go right for the high calorie, little nutrition treat.  And when I say high calorie....I really mean it.  It's a 'concrete' (thick) custard.....and I order - all chocolate...not only custard but chocolate sauce as well, and double malt.  It's sooooo thick normally diners eat it with a spoon.  I prefer to pucker up and use a straw....it takes a LONG time to consume it.

My pals ate more sensibly so they had dessert too!  

Thank you dear friends for such a great day......

AND.....now is the time to say......GO BADGERS!!!  (Sat. night.....Wisconsin vs Kentucky).  Our secret weapon:  Sheboygan Sam -  the pride of my (and Lynn's)  home town.


Sherrie Spangler said...

Yum!!! What a perfect birthday meal!

The Idaho Beauty said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday. The hubby will help you walk off those calories on the forced marches. ;-)

Maggi said...

It certainly looks like you made the most of having to travel so far for your birthday treat.

Robbie said...

Second, my grand kids 'take' me to Culver's and I get their fried chicken sandwich, which is outstanding!!! I will have to look into the custard drink/malt/ice cream you had! YUM!!!!