Thursday, April 23, 2015


My busy week long trip to San Francisco, Clovis, CA, and Eugene, OR, left no time to blog......and frankly, since this was a fiber free time.....most of you wouldn't be interested in my activities anyway!

So, I'm only sharing a snap shot of a tiny portion of my week.
 I love being a Grandma......despite living across the country from this little one, thanks to the efforts of our son, DIL and Facetime.....we are able to stay connected with 3 year old Raiden.  

Getting to spend real time with family is so valuable. Here, Grandma and Raiden were having quiet time reading books, which turned into a tickle fest......Rai is VERY ticklish.
 My DIL has wanted to visit this unique bakery ever since she learned about it.  Happily we had the opportunity during my recent visit.  
This Fresno, CA store has been in business for over 100 years......learn more about this family's story here.
It's a tiny store with limited product.....the atmosphere is a mixture of old and older decor......and oh so fascinating.
 These old world sweets are made of a sweet rice flour dough wrapped around fruit or bean paste.  There's even a version stuffed with ice cream. The 'baker' begins her work in the middle of the night to make the treats in the traditional manner, rarely done outside of Japan. Only a limited number are made each day....when they are sold out...the doors close for the day.  
In no time at all, our son and DIL filled their cooler, ready for the drive back to San Francisco.

Another reason for the 3 + hour drive to this area was to visit our long time best friends who moved from the midwest to CA several years ago. They gave Rai this truck (Rai LOVES trucks of any kind).....he slept with it that night and insisted on holding it in his lap all the way back to San Francisco!

Just another memory for me to treasure until I can hug him in person again..... 


Nancy said...

What a great trip and visit you had. The bakery is quite inviting, and i love the vintage photo you included. But always nice to be home, too.

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Welcome good to have you back and your trip looked like it was wonderful...Rai is adorable and a big boy!...He might wind up on the Packers!

Marilyn Nelson said...

It's always great to see family! Enjoy!