Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Until I can find more outlets to sell my work, I may need to slow down production....they are beginning to pile up!  But of course stopping is so many of you, having a needle in my hand feeds the soul.
Ever since I did the final rinse of this small piece of ice-dyed silk noil, it's been calling me. 
Not so with this piece of canvas, painted with house paint!
However, they married well to highlight an embellished bone button that had been used as a workshop sample...already stitched to the blue felt.

Auditioning other elements......keeping the design simple to show off the gorgeous dyed fabric. 
I blogged (click here) about this painted/stamped Lutrador...gifted to me from  Canadian blog friend Jo Anne. Though I'd have liked to use bigger pieces....three small ones were the perfect backdrop for a few beads.
I had envisioned various hand embroidery patterns on the silk noil, along with section of metal beads.  NOPE....that didn't work and I honestly can't tell you why I persisted so long.  Probably because that was the only evening hand stitching project I just kept going.  As slow as it was to stitch it, removing took only a short time.

Now the fabric and the elements can be enjoyed equally.
ELEMENTS # 2   8" x 10"
  Artist ice-dyed silk noil, hand embroidered, and bead embellished.
  Gallery wrapped on cradled wood frame.
Here's a little P.S........often artists leave the back of their framed pieces open....but I prefer to finish them.  Yup, type 'A' personality decision!  Once the work is stapled to the frame, pieces of batting are cut to fill the 'void', then covered with fabric...1/4" raw s/a pressed to wrong side.'s the hard's hand stitched in place.  A curved needle works best if you can find a really slim one (not easy)....otherwise use a straight needle and cuss a lot. 
An ink jet prepared label with care instructions completes the piece.


Julie Bagamary said...

Beautiful piece. Where do you obtain your wood pieces for mounting?

The Inside Stori said... you know some areas here in the mountains are still very rural, without access to a wide range of shops. So......generally I purchase canvas and wood cradled frames at Micheels (using coupons) or if I can get to Greenville, Hobby Lobby has a nice selection as well.

Nancy said...

Beautiful piece- I love all the texture and those scattered stitched and beads on the felt are perfect. By the way, I thought of you when I saw a lovely felted piece used as a journal cover. It was so soft and inviting. You're meticulous with the finish- I imagine stitching that fabric on the back is hard on the hands.

Linda M said...

Love the new piece, the little piece of canvas is just right. I have my 16 voids that are wrapped on frames that need backs put on, I've been thinking of fusing instead of stitching. I'll let you know if it works.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I really like the frayed edges on the house paint fabric. I'm guessing it's pretty stiff. I've heard others remark that we should cover the backs of pieces wrapped over canvases because that's how paintings are professionally finished off for reasons other than aesthetic. But unlike you, I think I would save the cussing for somethinh else and glue that backing in place with something archival. ;-)

margaret said...

works perfectly together, the silk fabric is so beautiful

Judy Ferguson said...

One of the problems of using the snow dyes is that they are so busy to use as a background. But you have done a great job of using it as a showcase for your focal elements. Nice finish on the back.