Saturday, April 25, 2015


This blog began for the purpose of sharing my work; making it possible for students to have a better understanding of the techniques I taught.  Later, I recognized how useful it was to document the process of my work.  And now that I've retired, it continues to allow me to connect with customers, students, colleagues, and family.  Shutterfly books for each blog year will keep all these memories safe!

I had intended to create a stand alone blog just for family and will begin one in the meantime.....faithful readers.....feel free to hit delete or read on.....
We were blessed with only one child who lives and works in the tech community in San Francisco.  (Where I expect their lives will remain.)  Grandson Raiden will be 3 in two weeks.  He's posing for us during a visit to the San Francisco zoo.
Which meant 'gramma' had to look ridiculous too!
It was fun watching him at 'soccer cubs'....his Dad played and enjoyed that sport from a young age as well.
DIL Kelly and Rai (and a better DIL there could never be!!)
Mary Stori (left) Sandy Smith (right)
We've been friends for 50 years!!  We went to the same high school and were roommates in Chicago when we both worked at O'Hare.  We think the photos below were taken in 1966. What a treat to take this side trip to Clovis to visit!

My trip concluded in Eugene, OR where I was able to celebrate my youngest brother Richard's retirement, along with his wife Barbara (another Sheboygan, WI gal!) 

Now, it's time to get back in the studio and create!!!  


Marilyn Nelson said...

I can see why you left your heart there. Grandmas will do anything for those little ones. :-)

Robbie said...

What a wonderful family!!!! And I don't think you need two blogs!!! It's nice seeing your life along with your artwork! It's all who you are!!!!

Kelly said...

I can't believe it's been over a week since your visit. We had so much fun and miss you so much!