Thursday, April 30, 2015


My creative side much prefers to design small wall pieces. However, the numerous boxes of batik fabrics my generous friend Helen gifted me call out for attention too.

Regular readers of this blog know patchwork isn't my favorite construction style.     Though I do enjoy hand sewing the binding....which most quilters try to avoid! 
 With that said, I'm doing a bit of stash bashing.  Am I the only one shocked at how small the dent can be, compared to what is left in whatever our storage space is (closet, open shelves, drawers, plastic bins!.....yikes they are still so full).  Actually that's a good thing.....with the cost of fabric these days, I'm relieved to have an inventory on hand! 
The amount and variety of greens/yellows batiks actually are quite low. Not wanting to waste these colors, I'm building this lap quilt row by row on my design wall.  First with the large patches, then adding the appropriate center strip.  I know, I know....stacked rotary cutting & chain stitching would be faster.  Heck, I'm in no real hurry so this works for me.


Windy Hill Happenings said...

Really love your're off to a good start.

margaret said...

looking good love batiks and I am trying to build up a small stash for myself, have a few half metres and 2 jelly rolls so far

Victoria said...

Agreed... I look around at the fabric spilling from seemingly every nook and cranny and think my stash seems to barely budge. (And don't even get me started on the scraps!) But I like your positive spin on it as fabric truly has gotten expensive!