Wednesday, April 8, 2015


It's such a compliment when a fellow artist and follower of this blog purchases a quilt!  Really, it is.  I'll admit to becoming somewhat discouraged at how difficult it is to find a market for my work now that I'm no longer on the quilting highway. 

I investigated Etsy and was shocked when over 2,500 items came up when I searched for wall art quilts.  Yikes.....  Over and over and over I've been told photos do not do my work justice.....embellishments make that difficult, even for professional photographers.  So, placing work in galleries is helpful.  However, most not only charge 50% commission, but some also charge a rental fee for their space.....  That certainly elevates the price of ones' work!  What's a gal to do??

Well....I'm going to pull up those big girl panties and keep working at finding venues!!
Thank you Lucina for selecting this quilt to purchase as your own birthday present!!

Preparing my quilt inventory paperwork and updating my shop has been on my 'to-do' list for awhile.  I've added quite a few more pieces to my online's a sample of just a few.  Jump over there to browse.......


The Idaho Beauty said...

Congrats on the sale! I know what you mean about the compliment and also the difficulty in finding a market. Got a minute now that your big girl panties are pulled up? Maybe this list will give you some ideas:

I just sold two of my padfolios that had been languishing on-line, and in a very unexpected place - my yoga class. It was the teacher who shared I make composition book covers (had given her one in thanks) and journals (she'd spotted me using mine in class) but I don't sell those so mentioned the padfolios, which at their insistence, I brought the following week. Both buyers want to see more when I replenish my stock. I was so flattered and a little stunned. You just never know where a sale will pop up.

Hilary Florence said...

Well, Lucinda has very good taste. I love the quilt that she bought. I love the design, I love the clean quilting lines, I love that little bit of dense quilting...
I spend hours creating complex quilting motifs, but I have to admit, thought it hurts somewhat, that sometimes clean and simple can be elegant and more effective.
Good luck on the selling. You said it was harder now you were no longer in the mainstream, or something like that. Where did you sell before?

The Inside Stori said...

I'll answer Hilary's question case there are other readers who are curious. Though I've had the opportunity to exhibit quilts at a few venues locally here in the Asheville, NC area, the major portion of my sales came from students in my workshops and lecture audience members. Like I said, it's so helpful with the style of work I do.....for the pieces to be seen in person. I pride myself high quality construction....which may not be apparent in a photo.

BTW Hilary......I'd trade your masterful quilting skills for any creativity I may hold in the 'simple' approach!!!