Saturday, December 6, 2014


Over the last several month, active bloggers have engaged in a world wide blog hop.......the idea is to introduce all of us to new artists.  When invited to participate, we are to pen a post answering several questions about what we are working on, why we create, and our creative process.  Then we are to link to two more bloggers...which widens the exposure for all.

However, so many have already participated, that finding a blogger to agree to jump on board has been challenging.  Instead, I'm going to link back to my friend Nanette Zeller's website so you can get to know her work.

I met Nanette through my fellow quilt instructor pal, Ami Simms.  Nanette became my webmaster and friend.  This is one multi-talented gal.  She studied botany in college, has a vast understanding of computers, works as a technical editor for a major quilt book publisher, she draws, she's a fabulous art quilter, runs a Feather-weight sales & repair business, acting president of PAQA-South.....and she's a great friend!

Do check out her skillfully designed and executed work at the link provided above.


Robbie said...

Nice work..I like Nannettes tree drawing in your interview.really cool.

margaret said...

so very beautiful

Nanette S. Zeller said...

Thanks Mary! You're such a dear friend. And thanks Margaret and Robbie, I appreciate your kind words.