Monday, December 29, 2014


Several months ago the Fiber Junkies spent a day altering fabric by adhering paper with a glue medium, followed by many layers of paint.

In order to allow sufficient drying became a two part project. I have to admit my commercial mottled blue/white fabric didn't inspire me much....nor did the paper images I chose to work with.
However, that's what's soooo great about this group. On day two, with encouragement and suggestions from fellow Junkies....we all got into the mixed-media spirit!

It's now been glued, washed with painted, repainted, and drawn with paint.
After sandwiching the layers, the painted branches were machine stitched.  I kept wanting to do more, but really....there are times when the piece says....I'M FINISHED.
A narrow dark binding was planned, yet after auditioning several....I decided upon the unusual choice of using a light colored print.  It was a bit tooooo white, but a quick dip in hot tea was just enough to make this fabric work.

A POPPY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS  13.5" x 16"  © 2014
Mixed-media on cotton, machine quilted. Text reads...
Meet Your New Secret Ingredient -  UPGRADE -  Most Wanted.

This will be the last sale item offered in available pieces here.


Nancy said...

So much fun to "mess" with paper, fabric and paint. Great results.

Robbie said...

Cool results!!!! Always so fascinating the art that comes out of play!

margaret said...

plenty has been done to this piece you are full of imagination

Linda M said...

That turned out great, what a transformation.