Monday, December 22, 2014


What a special treat for us to bring home a small handmade gift, made by each member of our group.  We are supposed to keep these tokens small.....but of course each year I do believe the gifts have gotten a bit more elaborate. 
Tempting pile, isn't it??  This year my gifts were presented in small felt bags...I cut out the initial of each recipient from red felt and tacked them onto the bag with decorative thread.
 Kate made us tags and note cards with some of the paper fabric we enjoyed learning how to make together.  Lucky us....she loves the process and often makes gifts using her paper fabric. 
 Sorry for the blurry photo.....we each got an apron from Denny.....all the better to save our clothing during our dye days!  She found the color chip fabric at a fabric shop!  It came in this hand-made bag.
 Believe it or not....the fabric for this bag started out in a package of white cotton rags from Home Depot. Denny dyed them!
 Gen....our true Jack (sorry Jill) of all trades....made each of us a knitted hat.  I didn't get photos of everyone modeling their....but here's Denny.
 ......and Kate
 ......and Val
 Clever Judy.....she used Dyna-flow to dye Perle cotton for each of us.
 .....Val found a use for the quilted fabric she painted (during our house painting day....for a technique none of us were sure we'd like or find helpful....that truly hasn't been the case).  Each of us received a small handmade book.
 .....some of the pages were printed, painted, or stenciled....and of course some were left blank for us to add our thoughts/designs.
Because all of us have gotten a bit smitten with making paper cloth....Val added a variety of print napkins for us to play with.
This is a credit card holder.  An example of my gift.....each featured a different color scheme and design.

We always spend time during our December meeting to make a list of the 'goals' (techniques) we'd like to cover the following year.  Thanks to 'Professor Denny'.....we had a two page - single spaced list.....we will be busy for years to come.


Robbie said...

WOW! How special and how talented you each are!!!! So impressive!!!!

margaret said...

some lovely gifts and they will remind you of the fun you had whilst at your get togethers happy Christmas to you