Tuesday, December 2, 2014


DAH......please excuse the uncoordinated posts in reference to this project.....it's what happens when one writes & schedules posts with too little time to double check the posting schedule!  So, this is a do-over for me.....hope you won't mind reading some of them twice!

 I've been unsuccessful sticking to my goal of creating larger or more of the same colorways during our monthly Fiber Junkies play days.  Often the excitement (and yes trepidation) of trying new methods leads to the creation of unrelated small sections of fabric.  Which can be difficult to develop into a cohesive project.
This (probably about 1/4 yd.) black fabric was made during our discharge trial and error meeting a couple of months ago.
 Purples are NOT colors I work with....or in fact are even in my stash, with the exception of what you see here.
Stretching for a composition with too little fabric choices.
 If replacement fabric could have been found for the upper right and lower left blocks, I may have used this idea.
In the end.....a horizontal 3 block setting was the choice....made mainly in order to introduce a greenish/purplish over-dyed print....I 'think' it was ice dyed.

To be continued......


Quilt Rat said...

Love your results! Are they deep purples that you discharged or blacks that yielded purples? I do like your choice of border ....beautifully combo.

The Inside Stori said...

In answer to Jill's (Quilt Rat) question....the discharged fabric was black!*!