Thursday, June 6, 2013


Years ago, Mary Berry won a set of yo yo basket blocks at the Asheville Quilt Guild's block of the month exchange. These blocks found their way to our PTA Fiber Group's annual white elephant exchange at our Christmas party.  

I was the recipient of the blocks and before I knew it......our group decided to put them together as a donation quilt.  It was a perfect solution!!
 This quilt has been kicking around for awhile after the top was pieced at one of our meeting days. it's been machine quilted by several members. I volunteered to do the binding and sleeve.....tasks I actually enjoy.

 It's now complete...excuse my poor photography....I don't have a good place to photograph such a large piece.......but I think you'll get the idea...
.....and here's a detail......  How many of you have blocks stuck away that you've been meaning to set into a top?  May I suggest....make a play date with girlfriends and get it done!!!!  It's such a great feeling.

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Robbie said...

Great idea! This quilt turned out so nice!!! And guess what I got in the mail! My (or my grand kids!) cook book you wrote! I'll have to post on it this weekend! I'll take it with me next week when I babysit!