Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A short time ago a quilter friend lost her battle with cancer. 
A mutual close friend of hers shared a piece of mottled fabric dyed by our friend.  I'm setting about to make a quilt to honor Judi.
 Some of these small cabochons seemed like a good way to help express how each of us are enriched as one friend leads to another friend...thus expanding our circles ever greater and greater.  This seems especially true in the quilt world.
 Again, I'm having a terrible time obtaining a decent photo of a project that I want to share.....but I hope you'll be able to see the progress.  The focal point of the design will be three cabochons, surrounded by machine quilting.
The quilting has been done through batting only, with tissue paper on the back to allow the piece to feed more evenly through the machine.  The quilting is not showing up as much as I'd like. I def. still struggle with using colors that don't have high enough contrast.  You'd think after all this time, KNOWING that is a weakness of mine.....I'd be extra vigilant when choosing colors.  Apparently NOT.  

I'm thinking about what to do now......will report back.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Am liking this idea a lot. It definitely expresses the relationship between the three of us. And I too am a horrible judge of thread color/value. So afraid it will show up more than I want, I err too far the other way and it hardly shows at all. But if I WANT it to show, it seems I can't get it to pop either. As you say, after all this time working with thread, you'd think we'd master it by now!