Sunday, June 23, 2013


I've chatted (complained) about the daily 'forced march' that has entered my life since moving to the mountains in NC.  I KNOW it's good for me, but even after 7 years, I don't like it!  Left on my own to decide to stay inside and sew or do this grueling 90 min. walk.....well....I'm sure you can guess what my choice would be!

Here's a peak at what I see as I huff and puff along our subdivision's scenic paved roads.  Due to the housing bust, only about half of the lots have been built on, so the area still has a very rustic private feeling.  From our home, our walk encompasses four - 1,000 ft. elevation changes!  This view LOOKS flat....but believe me it's's just difficult to get a good photo to illustrate the steepness.

 ....and up and up we go.....Sooty and 'the husband' leading the way.  We carry carrots for the horses corralled along the way, water for the dog, our electronic equipment etc.
              It pays to look around and see the beauty, often only just steps away.

It also pays to watch where you are walking!!!  We have had a marvelous spring/summer, with plentiful amounts of rain, which has encouraged the foliage to thrive......and unfortunately the poison ivy is taking over!!'s what you think it least this one isn't poisonous.....however there are plenty of snakes around here that are.  I'm wisely wary of getting off our roads.

 Moss and ferns flourish too.
 This is the view at the lowest elevation of our subdivision.....looking down Crabtree Valley.  The elevation here is about 3,000 ft....I live at 3,250 and it's over 4,000 at the top two cul-du-sacs here.  Who'd have thunk a Mid-West (flat lander) gal would end up here??

I hope your first weekend of the summer is glorious too!


Robbie said...

Love seeing the view from your house (& walk!). We had more snakes in Florida this winter than every! Had to watch Kalee....and where hubby would try to pick up golf balls! :)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the tour - nice to see in pictures what you often refer to in words. I see you are at a higher elevation than me - no wonder you get snow. Must definitely be a flatlander to think just moving south would get you out of winter. ;-)