Sunday, June 16, 2013


Our Professional Fiber Artist group (PTA) met at member Janice's house this month for our usual food and friendship fest.

 We began with show and tell......I tried using my iphone this time with pitiful I'm only sharing two projects.  The first here is Gen's completed quilt which began at our March PTA retreat.  For the last couple of years, 3 of us have done 'planned' scrap quilts....precutting patches and all sharing to provide diversity in the quilts.  Gen made it 4 this year to this method and we all agree her quilt is fabulous.
 Judy Simmons continues to create the most charming small pieces with a variety of printing techniques.
This vintage photo(a family member of her husband) was featured on her piece.   
This month we decided to sew up some lap quilts to donate to our Asheville Quilt Guild. We all came to our meeting with 9 patch blocks which were divided into piles of 4.

 Each block contained 6" cut patches.....4 white/beige - 4 colorful patches - & a black print in the center.  They were then sliced down the center, vertically and horizontally.
 ......and arranged into 4 quilt tops (two of them are shown here)  We stitched them together.  Backs were made for each.  Several members volunteered to machine quilt them at home.  I gladly will do the bindings. 
It was a fun and productive day for a very good cause......

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Robbie said...

Colors are great! You are such a great, productive group!!!