Friday, June 28, 2013


.......and the beading continues

Using the zig-zag single bead back stitch technique (shown in several of my bead books).....tiny delica beads were added around each of the cabochons out to where the blue quilting begins.  Even though in this photo, the blue stitched lines show up fairly so in I'm trying to pump up that area and get more movement by using larger blue seed beads.  

Nope...this isn't the answer....the beads are too close together and the big ole' circle of them is blaaaaa.
They were removed!!  Now using both seed beads and bugles beads stitched further apart, I plan to swirl the lines to connect the sections. Naturally, this is taking up my evenings nicely with all the stitching and unstitching I'm doing....but I think I'm getting there.  

Check back to see the results.

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Robbie said...

Love the colors!!!!!