Thursday, June 20, 2013


These last two weeks have been one huge organizing frenzy around this household.  We are in a 'use it or lose it' mood!

So, when it comes to my fabric stash, I was quite appalled at just how much I've accumulated.  Years ago my dear friend Doreen Speckmann exclaimed after seeing my stash, " Mary, how do you make anything out of this puny amount of fabric?"  Doreen had an enormous, not so much. 

However, over the years a big thank you continues to go out to my friend Helen who has sent me boxes and boxes of her unwanted fabric. The majority is fabulous batiks (fat quarters and half yard cuts for the most part) and I'm determined to see if I can mix them with some of the hand-dyed fabrics I've been hoarding.

The goal here is to use I'm making some BIG lap quilts.  Sometimes the ole' brain doesn't fire as well as it used to, but I recalled the last time I worked with this brand of hand-dyes....they all bled like crazy.  So before I could begin having any fun at all.......I treated it all in Retayne.  Here's the greens......  

Fortunately, all that color loss didn't affect the appearance of the fabric.
 This process literally took me all day, since I did all the blacks/darks separately.  My washer regulates the temperate, so for big loads I used the machine. Unfortunately, I had to stand there during the fill, turning it on and off and back on again so it only filled with hot water!  What a time killer.  

And speaking of time killers, the pressing.....yuck!!!  Though that time was quite useful in catching up with all the 'Housewives' on Bravo......

With a 'plan' in my mind..........I began.....notice I'm not showing you any stitched blocks?  Why is it that the vision in one's head is always awesome, but the reality may not meet that expectation?  

The problem is that I don't have enough of any of the hand-dyes, except the black, to make large enough blocks for my was looking too disjointed.  

Now...DO NOT laugh......but yes, I went to the computer and ordered more hand-dyed fabric in sufficient amounts for my original plan.  BUT......I'm setting out to search for more scrappy design ideas for the next 'use it or lose it' project!!!

I'll report back on this one when there's something less embarrassing to show. 

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You are so right to treat that hand-dyed fabric. All that excess dye is what didn't bond to the fibers and as you discovered, does that effect the color once it is gone. As for the ironing, I must confess I rather like that process, love watching the textures rise from the hand-dyes and letting my mind go wonder of solving all kinds of problems. However, if you are raring to go on a project, it can be irritating to have to cool your heals while doing this processing. Can't wait to see where you're going with this.