Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hand quilting....who doesn't love the look?  

I LOVE to hand quilt and have taught the techniques/tricks/and how-to's for 25 years.  Patiently creating hand stipple quilted and trapunto whole cloth wall quilts is my favorite style.  The results can be both simplistic and yet complex with the incredible texture that develops from these tiny stitches.

Since I'm in the 'move it out' phase of my quilt collection (and living in a home with very few walls to display).....I'll be posting several here and on my blogshop that are for sale.

I was honored that Spring Green 20" x 11" was selected as the cover quilt for Rodale's Hand Quilting Book.

....and featured in it as well.  I've showing several versions here since photographing whole cloth quilts without the proper equipment is nearly impossible.  This overview should be helpful to any collector who may be interested.

SPRING GREEN   20" X 11"  
The fern design was designed by Mary and was one of her many wholecloth stencils manufactured by Quilting Creations. 
$225 (shipping included)

The quilt features tiny quilt stitches, hand embroidery, and glass beads.


Windy Hill Happenings said...

Your hand quilting is so beautiful Mary...wish I had good hands to do it...It adds so much

The Idaho Beauty said...

Your fiddlehead fern design has always been one of my favorites. I was always going to quilt it into a garment, some wonderful artsy jacket of a style I pretend I could pull off (per Carol Breyer Fallert for instance) but would probably feel out of place wearing, but like so much else, I never got around to. Maybe someday yet...

Lisa Chin said...

Gorgeous Mary! Congratulations on being a cover girl!