Monday, April 8, 2013


This post is definitely off our typical subject or perhaps....even interest.  We all certainly are good friends with our washing machine and to wash our new fabrics, our finished quilts....sure we get all that.....

BUT....have you ever seen one of these??

 I might be living under a rock here in the rural mountains but still, this dog wash located in Birmingham, AL that I saw this weekend was news to me.
 What a concept..... the funny thing is, we drove around for quite some time rejecting a dozen or more car washes....trying to locate one where we could hand wash our car.....and we stumble upon one that meets our needs and the family dog!
The pollen in the area was nothing I ever experienced before.....within 30 mins. every surface outside is covered in green dust.....yuck.  No automatic car wash brushes will ever touch 'the husband's' toy.....sadly, cause I had to help hand dry it!


Robbie said...

I have seen on TV the 'dog wash' but never in person! I didn't think they were outside but again...who knew!!! Glad you had a 'good weekend'!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Brilliant! We were always the kind to wrestle the dogs into the bathtub for a wash, then follow along with towels as said dogs shook the excess water all over the house. Occasionally we might do an outdoor wash but that required hauling a bucket of warm water from the house. Let's not talk about the strain on the back. I love this!