Sunday, April 7, 2013


While my sewing machine is still out for repair....I can, guilt free, indulge myself in DVR'd reality TV shows while my hands do the stitching.

I'm down to only 2 more of my hand felted, resist dyed wool pieces.....panic is setting in for sure.  They've been my 'go to' projects inbetween other projects. The design of this piece comes from securing old fashioned metal hair clips and narrow strips of wood onto the undyed wool.  After three dye baths.....this was the result.

Embellishing began with some simple straight line stitching using embroidery floss on the avocado sections, following by running stitches along the lines created by the hair clips.  Then the beads came out....

.....and then back to more embroidery....and finally the finished product is below......

11" x 8" 
Ready to hang or frame
Sorry you missed this one....similiar pieces are available



The Idaho Beauty said...

What a glorious piece! The fabric alone is so unusual and an interesting graphic. What you added with beads and stitch is just superb. Tempting, tempting...

Robbie said...

What a great piece!!! I love the hand work, as you know! Very, very nice, mary!
Where your ears burning on Friday? Kay and I talked about you...we need to get you here some winter so the 3 of us can play!