Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This post is being written with a bit of apprehension because it's the very last piece from my stack of resist dyed felted wool.  Oh ya....I gotta make more....however this isn't a process that can be easily accomplished without a significant amount of equipment and supplies, which I don't personally own.  (But I plan to!)

It's been so comforting to know when I needed handwork....that within an hour of auditioning beads/threads I could have needle in hand! Naturally, that was only the beginning...a lot of thought and experimenting regarding the surface design was required.  Often that meant a lot starting - stopping - removing - and finally restarting.

Okay, okay.....so for awhile I'll be exploring other ideas, but I will come back to this exciting medium soon.

 Here's the piece before pressing/trimming the edges and stabilizing.

 Now with some embroidery.

 And a little more.....it may be difficult to see the black X's....so check out the detail below.

LINES  12" X 8" © 2013
Artist resist dyed felted wool, hand embroidered and bead embellished.
Ready to hang or frame.

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Robbie said...

I love your design with the stitching!! Just perfect for this piece!!!! Have fun out west!!! We leave on Thursday...busy, busy next few days.