Friday, April 12, 2013


Yesterday we took a look at the process of Nuno we will look at the results.....and how I utilized this unique felting technique.

This scarf was created from my first nuno felting attempt.  Most of us in our group decided to leave part of the silk gauze unfelted.  We did it not only to hurry up the felting process but also as a design statement.  Frankly, I was totally unimpressedwith my efforts.

Other members had much better results which can be viewed here.

 So, I cut my scarf apart and got busy auditioning various threads and embellishments to decorate a section of that scarf.
Weston's Marsh 9" x 12" is the result.
It features hand embroidery and beading.

My mind is already whirling with ideas to turn my new large felted piece into several smaller embellished designs.....  I'll be sure to share my efforts when I do.

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Nanette S. Zeller said...

I like what you did. So organic. Works better as Mary's beaded art than the scarf. Your nuno work reminds of the year we went to SAFF together.